3D Model Sites – Free and Paid Resources

Here is a handy free resource on where to get STL files

On this page, you will enter the world of 3D models and STL files.   Make sure you scroll below the table, as there are a lot more details on the individual sites – a really handy resource for you!

CGTraderFree, Paid
CultsFree, Paid
MyMiniFactoryFree, Paid
PinshapeFree, Paid
TurboSquidFree, Paid
3DExportFree, Paid
NIH 3D Print ExchangeFree
Free3DFree, Paid
ThreedingFree, Paid
GrabCAD LibraryFree
RedpahFree, Paid
3DShookFree, Paid
XYZprinting 3D GalleryFree, Paid
STLFinderFree, Paid
3DFindItFree, Paid

Thingiverse is the biggest repository of free STL files, and while other paid sites have free STL files as well, Thingiverse trumps because of sheer volume – while not necessarily the highest quality.

This is a massive resource here that we will be adding to.

Obviously, with paid sites, there will be more opportunity to drill down to find exactly what you are after, or be inspired to try an amazing new discovery!

Alternatively, you can “scan your own” models. We have written an article outlining the top 3D scanners available on Amazon here.

Read on for our all-time favorite sites for getting free and paid STL files.  From simple to complex, you will find them all.


Biggest site for free STL files

Free 3D printing STL files

Thingiverse has one of the most expansive STL libraries on planet Earth. Go check it out to get FREE 3D Printing Models. With over 2 million STL files, you are sure to find something in the area of your interest. Check out the ‘Explore’ tab —> ‘Things’ and you are on your way to see the extensive range of free models.

With such a huge number of STL files in their repository, you will undoubtedly need to use the search function to find the gold. Go create an account so you can collect designs, share with friends and even remix a 3D design!

This is also a great resource of passionate 3D printing enthusiasts –  with nearly 4.5 million members – designers, engineers, and makers. You can follow individual designers, and start topics to engage the community  – sharing ideas, Things and developing conversations.



Top pick for paid STL files

CGTrader 3D models nad STL files

Looking for a 3D model marketplace? CGTrader is for buyers and sellers, and has over 200 000 3D printable models. Here you will find models for a range of applications that include a choice selection for 3D printing.

These guys have a quality you can rely on – with models in all areas. Plus they have thousands of free models check out. 

3D printing models categories:

Art, Fashion, Gadgets, Games and Toys, Hobbyist parts and  DIY projects, Decor items, Jewelry and Miniatures 

And a community of 3.9 million. 

Click directly through to their 3D models – 



Best for both free and paid

Cults free STL files and 3D models

Cults have both free and paid models. There is a marketplace for 3D printing and design, a 3D model library, and information to give you all you need to know about what you can do with your 3D printer.

This site gives you the confidence to start printing without the knowledge of how to make your own 3DP STL files.

Check out the categories and download some awesome 3D printer models for free, or choose the open-sourced or paid models.

Saving you time and trial and error, they guarantee that all their models are 3D printable.

You will find inspiration as well as STL files if you check out their tips, contests and the gallery of what other makers have been up to.



Hand-picked and guaranteed 3D printable

MyMiniFactory 3D printer models and STL files

MyMiniFactory has been around since 2013. They have some pretty cool models onboard their platform – both free STL files and paid. 

They started out with hand-picked 3D designs that they personally tested, then they moved on to allow open-sourced, and now they have a store for designers to sell their best models.

They have a “Guaranteed 3D Printable” motto – their files are run through a software check and are even test-printed by the community before publishing – pretty impressive!

Go ahead and check out the site for a well-rounded collection of great STL files.



High quality, and easy to use search function

Pinshape STL files and 3D models

Pinshape  is an easy-to-use platform where you can explore, share and download high-quality 3D printable designs. There is a community marketplace with a wealth of creative material for you to buy, as well as a selection of free models.

They have curated a great selection of premium and free STL files from their community of 70,000+ Makers and Designers.

The site has some handy search filters – allowing you to choose a price range, add the type of printer you are using, what sort of license you are after and whether you only want designs with prints. Plus you can see the trending designs – if you are after what is hot right now.

 So take a look around and see what you can download and print. 



Search by ticking the ‘STL’ checkbox for fastest results

TurboSquid download 3D STL files


TurboSquid has been around since 2000,  they have a fantastic library of models, a ‘Best Price Guarantee’ and a promise of returns if the model doesn’t work for you – refund or store credit.

Here again, you can filter by file-type, which helps with finding the models specific to 3D printing enthusiasts – just tick the checkbox against STL and that will show you all the 3D printable designs on their site.



Great sub-categories for drilling down your search

3D Export STL files

At 3DExport you can find a nice supply of both free and paid 3D print models.

Check out their categories: Art, Characters, Fashion, Gadgets, Games & Toys, Hobbies & DIY, House, Miniatures, Jewellery. The cool thing here is they have sub-categories that make it even easier to explore. With 28955 items listed for 3D printing, you can find premium models without getting lost in the overwhelming choice of other sites.

There is a forum if you are into the community aspect, and a money-back guarantee to put your mind at ease when purchasing.




The Prusa community site with handy Filament Calculator

Prusa Printers Free 3D STL files

PrusaPrinters are a 3DPrinter manufacturer. They have created a  community website for all Prusa 3D printer owners and fans. Check it out to find free 3D models, a community forum, and articles about 3d printing.

They have also developed a filament calculator, to accurately determine the best value for your money  – telling you how much you can print with your filament, by showing the volume in cm3. This is the only tool I know of that helps you calculate that.

So head on in and download your chosen (& perfectly tweaked and pre-sliced) print files for your next 3D printing project. 



Free designs and active community dedicated to improving resources

YouMagine Free 3D STL files

YouMagine gives you access to 18000 free designs that are ready to print.

They have an online community of 3D printing enthusiasts whose aim is to work together to share, remix and make better 3D printed things. YouMagineis all about giving you the tools to improve, invent & make more cool, creative makes.

I like the way they have ‘Collections’ – Home, Ultimaker upgrades, Useful Test Pieces, Travellers, StarWars, Quick Prints, Toys, Minis and Monsters.


NIH 3D Print Exchange

Best for scientific & medical models

NIH Free 3D model/STL files

The NIH 3D Print Exchange provides free models for the scientific community. The models are in formats that are readily compatible with 3D printers. They offers a unique set of tools to create and share 3D-printable models related to biomedical science.

The source for 3D-printable models that are scientifically accurate or medically applicable.

They have Curated Collections by collaborating organizations.



Good for gaming and CAD

Free3D models STL files website

Free3D is a small repository that has around 7000 3D printable models.

Mainly selling models for gaming and CAD, but still some good STL files for 3D printing to be found. You may find what you are after here.




Buy, sell or exchange models & great search engine

Threeding 3D printing STL files

Threeding is a marketplace for free and paid 3D printing models and files. Their online platform offers a place where individuals and businesses can buy, sell or just exchange freely 3D models suitable for 3D printing.

It is a file-sharing website and there are over 6,300 STL files to download.

They have a few new categories with a good sub-menu. Some of these being : Antiques & Historical, Tools and Machines, Motors and Transport. 

You can sort by STL file, cost, paid or free, and then refine your search by Best Match, Best Rated,  Newest, Author and a few others. Very handy.


GrabCAD Library

Engineering specific STL files

GrabCAD 3D Library printing STL files

GrabCAD is aimed at mechanical engineers and focuses on providing the resources for those guys to create better stuff. Amongst their extensive CAD library you will find some STL files to play around with in your 3D printing studio.

Their files are free, and specific to the community they serve. Don’t expect to find your everyday STL files – here you will find more complex models.




Great for original designs

Redpah 3D print STL files

Redpah is a repository of 3D printing files – both free and paid.

Look for the big red elephant (that is Redpah) to find free print files, as an open-source library, and they have good quality designs for you to buy as well.  They ensure their paid files are original and you will find around 5000 files on the site.



Subscription service designed specifically for the home 3D printer

3D Shook 3D printing models and STL files

3DShook stands out for two reasons – one, that it is exclusively designed for home 3D printers, and two, it is the world’s first ‘Subscription Print on Demand’ service.

So you can get a steady stream of STL files delivered to your inbox monthly for as little as $25pm, as well as a free trial period to see what you think. That appears to be the only “free” aspect of the site.

It has an extensive range of designs and everyone you can print on your home 3Dprinter – yes, the amateur maker is being totally looked after on this site!

Boasting 6000+ 3D models in forty-two categories, tested, designed by 3D professionals, and exclusive to the  3DShook platform.



Search Engine for 3D Models and STL files

find 3D models STL finder

STL Finder is a search engine for free 3d models.

Search results from the major repositories on the internet – millions of free STL files and 3D models at your fingertips.

Looking for 3d models for your 3d printing job? Take the easy road to find what is available for downloading.

At STLFinder you will find professional 3d models, just put in your search for a world-wide web search!



Search engine for professionals with 8 search functions

search 3D find it models and STL files

3DFind.it is a search engine for professionals and semi-professionals. 

It has a fantastic search function that is on the next level – a visual search engine that crawls billions of 3D CAD & BIM models in hundreds of catalogs worldwide. 

With eight different search functions – from geometric, color, functionality, and even sketch – you have a greater chance of matching your needs with the outcomes that this search engine provides.