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About Best 3D Printer Tech

Hi, and welcome to Best 3D Printer Tech!

We are passionate about 3D Printing – an innovation that has transformed our lives – from what we do in our spare time, to what we are able to create, and of course, what we like to talk about (a lot!).

3D Printer Tech informs you of the details of the most popular 3D printers, analyzing their pros and cons & sharing our passion and expertise  – so you can make informed decisions on which printer you should buy. Whether you are a beginner, or have already dabbled in the world of 3D printing and are now ready to upgrade or move into resin 3D printing perhaps?

We have reviews on the current models of Creality Ender’s – both Ender 3 Pro & Ender 3 v2. And also the latest Anycubic 3D printers, the Elegoo Mars and Qidi Tech.

As we hear about new, cool updates in these product lines, we will review them and keep you up to speed.

We are at the “Hot-end” of 3D Printer Tech – printers, filaments, models and STL files.




3D Print Maker

Jay got into 3D Printing in 2018, and has been experimenting and creating ever since. He loves checking out new tech in his field, and sharing the best that he has worked with.




Chief Printing Assistant & Researcher

Lindsey joined the team in 2020 – when not helping out in the print studio, she is busy checking out new 3D-print-related products. She also loves designing new models, and trialing the latest cool filaments available.



Writer & Researcher

Dennis is our research wizard and chief writer. He is relatively new to 3D Printing – but has now caught the “3DPrinting bug” and is loving the new adventure it is taking him on. He is constantly checking out the latest developments in the 3D printing world.


What’s the difference between a step stool and a 3D printer?

….. The former is a ladder and the latter is a former!

Just a bit of 3D humor....