The internet is full of 3D printing information. Your search engine can present articles on almost anything that you want when learning about 3D printing in just a few clicks.

But you probably understand that there’s a vast difference between on-screen articles and reading printed 3D printing books. If you’re anything like me, you probably skim online texts instead of settling in for a composed reading session. On the other hand, experts say that reading a print book leads to a higher understanding and more critical reflection.

For this reason, I’ve searched around and made a list of 10 must-read 3D printing books this year. I made sure to include a book for all levels. So, whether you’re just getting started or are a veteran seeking to increase your knowledge, there is probably a book or 2 for you in this list!

Best Books to Learn About 3D Printing

Books for 3D printing - 3d printing failures

For beginners and intermediaries, Sean Aranda’s work on 3D Printing Failures is among other things that you’ll wish you had gotten earlier. This is a very informative book on pretty much all the major problems and challenges that you’ll come across in your 3D printing journey, including bed adhesion, hotend and build plate heating problems, blocked nozzle, and stepper motor overheating problems.

Sean Aranda has thoughtfully arranged all the information in clear chapters. But what I like most is that the author has taken the time to include lots of photos, which should enhance understanding.

2. Designing 3D Printers: Essential Knowledge – Neil Rosenberg


Best Books for 3D printing - designing 3d printers

Would you like to build a 3D printer but don’t know how or where to start? Well, Neil Rosenberg has got you covered with this 197-page book. Designing 3D Printers has excellent illustrations of all the fundamentals of designing a quality printer, from designing a stable frame to the electronics.

Designing 3D Printers: Essential Knowledge by Neil Rosenberg isn’t for machinists only. I find it an excellent read for 3D printing enthusiasts who want to learn more about how their printers work. 

3. Fusion 360 for Makers – Lydia Sloan Cline


3D Printing books Fusion 360 for makers

You guessed it right. In this book, Lydia Sloan Cline is all about making life easy for creators who are learning how to model using Autodesk Fusion 360. Lydia Sloan Cline is a teacher in different areas regarding 3d printing and has worked as a designer/architect.

In this book, you’ll find easy-to-understand tutorials on using Fusion 360 to design 3D models from scratch and how to edit downloaded designs.

4. 3D printing for Dummies –Richard Horne

3d Printing for dummies book

Currently in its 2nd edition, 3D Printing for Dummies is another great pick whenever I’m recommending the best 3D printing and modelling books. In this book, the authors Richard Horne and Kalani K. Hausman provide you with almost everything that you need to learn about 3D printing in a single package. This book covers the different types of 3D printers available and how they work, plus the different building materials available at your disposal. They have also touched on 3D scanning, which I believe will go a long way in expanding your horizons.

5. Motors for Makers – Matthew Scarpino

Books for 3D printing - Motors for makers

This is a book you’ll want to keep within reach if you’re into both 3D printing and motors. As the name suggests, Motors for Makers is an exciting book on everything about motors.

From start to finish, Mathew Scarpino explains how electric motors work and their versatility. He also takes you through critical tips when choosing the proper motor for your DIY projects. You’ll also learn how you can engage with your motors using different program controls, such Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, and Arduino Mega.

6. How to Make Money with 3D Printing – Jeffrey Ito

how to make money with 3d Printing

Most 3D printers understand that there’s potential to make money using a 3D printer. But not many of us know exactly how. If you’re among these people, Jeffrey Ito’s How to Make Money with 3D Printing might be just what you need to get started.

This handbook is full of practical advice on everything that you need to establish a 3D printing business. Some of the topics that Jeffery Ito has touched on include ways to monetize your 3D printer, 3D CAD modelling software guide, and where to outsource 3D design work. Interestingly, this book also opens your eyes to potential 3D digital marketplaces.

7. The 3D Printing Handbook – Ben Redwood

The 3d Printing handbook

The 3D Printing Handbook by Ben Redwood is one of the best 3D printing books for beginners. Unlike what the title may lead you to think, this book may not have a lot to offer to professional 3D print makers, designers, and technical personnel who know almost everything about these machines already.

However, if you’re planning to join the 3D printing community, Ben Redwood and his co-authors usher you in first by explaining how various 3D printing technologies work. You also learn the benefits and drawbacks of each technology and tips on selecting the best technology depending on what you intend to do.

8. Getting Started with 3D Printing Lisa  Wallach Kloski

getting started with 3D printing book

A Hands-on Guide to the Hardware, Software, and Services That Make the 3D Printing Ecosystem  – 2nd edition 2021

Getting Started with 3D Printing is another praise-worthy book that’s targeted towards beginners. This 264-page book also happens to be among the cheapest in these reviews. So it’s a good match for anyone who wants to understand the critical aspects of 3D printing without spending so much on the print book.

In it, Liza and Nick Kloski offer you insights into how to buy a 3D printer and how to use and maintain it in a casual and conversational style.

9. 3D Printing Projects – DK

DK 3d Printing projects

My next recommendation for the best 3d printing book 2021 goes to parents who are looking to introduce their children into the world of 3D printing. There are lots of things that I find really impressive about this book.

First, the author has stripped down most technical 3D printing jargon in favor of simple terms that kids will find easier to understand. This not only makes 3D printing less intimidating, but it also means that the learners will pick up quickly.

Secondly, this book doesn’t cover printing only. It also has step-by-step instructions for how to create 3D digital models, sculpt, and even slice.

10. Make: Props and Costume Armor: Create Realistic Science Fiction & Fantasy

Make - Props & Costume armor book

Lastly, this is a book I’d recommend to DIY enthusiasts who want to do more than 3D printing. Make: Props and Costume Armor is a relatively inexpensive book in which prop maker Shaw Thorson shows you how to make science fiction props and armor in detailed explanations full of humor.

This 298-page book is marketed to beginners and seasoned prop makers alike. For starters, Shaw shows you how to make items using easily available and inexpensive tools and materials. For experienced makers, this book will remind you of things you may have forgotten while teaching you additional tips.